How To Transfer MB on your Etisalat and Airtel Sim

Posted by Chris De Kelvin on 09:40 PM, 22-Apr-13 • Comments (1)
How To Transfer Megabites On Your Etisalat Line For you To transfer MB on etisalat network it doesn’t necessary for you to migrate from the current tariff which you are all what you need is to just follow the following steps and that’s all. *229*recepient*Amount Of MB then followed by # *229*08099999999*50# OR *229*recepient*Amount Of MB *pin# *229*08099999999*50*pin# Default Security Pin is=0000 After doing this, the total MB you specified will be transfered to the number you entered. How To Transfer Megabites On Your Airtel Line To transfer airtel MB, follow the below steps. To Transfer 10MB: dial *141*712*11*recipent# To Transfer 25MB: dial *141*712*9*recipent# To Transfer 60MB: dial *141*712*4*recipent#. Note: Airtel will deduct #100 or 10MB from your line immediately you transfer the MB to learn more about dial 141 and follow the voice prompts or you can call airtel customer care on 111


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How To Mod 2go Apps With Screenshot

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ThumbnailGud day modders,I'm back,better & steaming with hot tutorials.Hope you guys will enjoy modding ur own 2G0 just like other modders. I decided to drop this tutorial due to the request of many guys who want to also mod their own 2go. Let's move ahead with the tutorial APPLICATIONS NEEDED 2GO IN zip format=> 2GO V3.0.3 CLASS TRANSLATOR BLUEFTP Let's... [Read More]

Do Not Laugh!!! Do Not Smile. Bibile Translation in Warri State

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ENGLISH: As it is written in the Bible. ... PIDGIN: As dem yan 4 Bible! ENGLISH: Jesus entered the boat with his disciples! PIDGIN: Na im Jesus cum enta canoe wit im padi dem! ENGLISH: As the boat was sailing, there was a great storm!!! PIDGIN: As d canoe dey go so, na im yawa cum gas for im BB... [Read More]

New Code For Subscribing To Airtel 1GB BIS Bundle

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Airtel NG now aware of their BIS Plan working on Other Device instead of Blackberry Phones alone like that of their Other Counter-Part, Not cool for their Business but Its Cheap and has enough MB thats why everyone Flocks around for their BIS Plan. Most People now Use Airtel BIS Plan on their iPad, PC/Laptop, Andriod Phones, Tablets and other... [Read More]